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They said there was nothing interesting, just tiles and other cars. I said that's because the tunnel is "bored". Eventually they got it, and told me to stop telling bad jokes.

I wanted to see how low I could go. Had the 3 kids in the back of the car while we were on the freeway in the carpool lane. As we entered a tunnel I started screaming and as we exited the tunnel I stopped.

The kids all stared at me and I very calmly explained that I had carpool tunnel syndrome. Lots of rolling eyes after that. Before the doctors put him under, he asked "Will I be able to play the violin after this surgery?

Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Click here for more information. So, I was on the train the other day, and you know how it takes a while to get to the city, well my phone battery was flat and I didn't have a book, so I was a bit bored, but then I realised that there is all this cool graffiti on the tunnel walls If so, thanks for helping us remove this inappropriate content!

The source of this content has been opened in a new browser tab. Please click the report button in that new tab, and once it is removed from there, it will also be removed from this website. I freak out when I go through a tunnel, but only when someone else is driving.

My wrists hurt whenever I drive to work with my co-workers and we go through a tunnel. I have a fear of driving through tunnels with multiple people in the car. What do you call tunnels in the Phillipines? Did you hear about the tunnel that makes you illiterate? When I'm driving through tunnels, I don't like using the carpool lane When making new tunnels on the western plain, prairie dogs get help. Studies show when car-pooling, when going through a tunnel, people who sit in the back are shown to experience more anxiety.

Scientists call it "car-pool tunnel syndrome". I had to leave my job excavating tunnels. My wife is going in for carpal tunnel surgery today Actually happening. Wish us luck!! Was playing Astroneer and found myself wishing I had some way I could make bigger tunnels easier I bought a used wind tunnel for really cheap but underestimated the strength of the fans.

Driving through the harbour tunnel in Baltimore, I asked my kids to tell me if they see anything interesting in the tunnelWelcome to Part 5 of my discussion on stress. In the last segment I talked about the positive and negative impacts of hyper vigilance and its impact on situational awareness. While stress-released hormones increase arousal of the senses, the brain struggles to process all the information coming in.

If you try to process the meaning of all the audible and visual inputs, you may find yourself on the fast-track overload. So I wrote it down. But he never really told us what it was, how we get it and most importantly, how to avoid it. Early on in my journey into neuroscience I learned something about tunneled vision.

It is a mislabeled term. While I have often heard the term used throughout my tenure in public safety — and having used it many times in my early years as an instructor, I never realized that the term tunnel vision does not accurately reflect what happens under stress.

Tunneled senses more accurately depicts the results of stress. All your senses can become tunneled when you are stressed. For vision, it means your visual attention can be focused on one small geographic area of an emergency scene or one task being performed at a scene and you miss seeing things in your periphery.

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For hearing, it means your audible attention can be focused on one source of sound, like a person talking to you face-to-face or text messages on your phone, or a siren of an approaching engine. When you are suffering from tunneled senses your situational awareness is vulnerable because you are likely to miss important clues and cues.

Many things happen in the peripheral vision that will be lost when vision is tunneled. When hearing is tunneled, you can miss hearing other things happening around you. The fixation on a single conversation or a single sound prevents you from hearing other things.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University ran a series of audible and visual tests on human subjects, measuring the loss of acuity while engaging them in activities designed to narrow attention. The results were a shocker.

The experiment was designed to tunnel vision — and it did. But a completely unexpected event occurred. While the vision was being tunneled, the performance of the audible control center decreased. That was not a typo.

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Tunneled vision led to diminished hearing. Turns out, focusing on something intently led the audio cortex to turn down the volume. When the researchers performed an experiment to tunnel the hearingthe performance of the visual control center decreased. Again, no typo.

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Tunneled hearing led to diminished vision. This led the researchers to conclude that a person intently listening to audible cues, like a radio or cell phone, could have diminished visual performance.

It also led the researchers to conclude a person intently focused on something visual could have diminished hearing. In some cases, when the stress is severe enough, the hearing receptors in the brain may shut off completely.

Neuroscience has a term for that. Police officers often report that under stress of a gun fight they are unable to recall how many shots were fired because they did not hear them. One of my teaching associates, is a firefighter, EMT and former police officer.

tunnel vision puns

He shares a story during my classes that drives this point home. One night, while sitting in his police car, he was ambushed by a deranged man with a shotgun. He man shot his police car multiple times, though he, himself, only remembers hearing one shot.

The forensics evidence revealed the assailant had shot his car six times. My associate suffered from auditory exclusion, not to mention a whole host of other stress reactions he describes in vivid detail.Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic.

Click here for more information. This joke may contain profanity. A pessimist sees a dark tunnel. After spending a semester of my engineering degree studying the construction of the channel tunnel.

I can reveal it was dug by a huge boring machine. I'm fine driving through tunnels when I'm on my own. But the minute I have multiple passengers and I drive through a tunnel, it hurts to hold the steering wheel.

I think I have carpool tunnel syndrome. A convict finally escaped prison after digging a tunnel in his cell for years He resurfaces in a kindergarten playground with children playing and no cops in sight. He could barely contain his excitement and screams, "I'm Free! I'm four". Blackwall Tunnel has been closed and why the speed limit has been reduced: The Highways Agency found over dead crows on the Blackwall Tunnel approach recently, and there was concern that they may have died from Avian Flu.

A Pathologist examined the remains of all the crows, and, to everyone's relief, confirmed the problem was NOT Avian Flu. The cause of death a I used to work tunneling through cemeteries. It was dead boring. A young Programmer and his Project Manager board a train headed through the mountains on its way to Wichita.

They can find no place to sit except for two seats right across the aisle from a young woman and her grandmother. After a while, it is obvious that the young woman and the young programmer are interested in each other, because they are giving each other looks. Soon the train passes into a tunnel and A Prisoner is digging a tunnel out of prison He is slowly making progress day by day, but with just a spoon for a shovel it seems like an impossible task.

After numerous years of blood and sweat, he finally manages to reach the surface outside of the prison grounds. He is overwhelmed with happiness and the thought of finally bein Two idiots want to escape prison One says "Go to the wall, if it's short enough we'll jump over it. If it's too tall, we'll dig a tunnel.

When he returns, he says "Dude, we can't escape. What do you call repetitve and monotonous tunnel digging work? Boring work. I cant talk now.

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I ride share to work regularly, but if I'm in the backseat when we go through a tunnel I have a massive anxiety attack. My doctor diagnosed me with Carpool Tunnel Syndrome.The only thing better than a good pun wait—is there such a thing?

You know the kind we're talking about, the bad puns and one-liners so ridiculous and stupid that they make you wince, and you laugh even though your brain is shouting at you, "Come on!

That's an insult to both of us! Loving a groan-worthy pun isn't a sign that you're losing grip on sanity. Quite the opposite, in fact. It also means that you're not suffering from a lot of social insecurity. So let's all take a break from the world and enjoy these 65 hand-selected puns that are guaranteed to make you groan, and then laughand maybe even forget all the insanity and jaw-clenching stress in the world—if only for a few minutes. All Rights Reserved. Open side menu button. These one-liners are so silly and stupid you can't help but love them.

By Bob Larkin October 31, Read This Next. To hear these total groaners!

tunnel vision puns

Try 5. Latest News. Now, we don't know when we'll next see each other. Here's how social distancing brought us closer.

There's light at the end of the tunnel. Her parents eventually pulled her out of school. A chew toy battle has never been more exciting. Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn.Sign Up.

My Account. Tunnel Quotes. Please enable Javascript This site requires Javascript to function properly, please enable it. I've learned that if I only put my mind to one thing that I can get tunnel vision. Then I may not be as open to other opportunities because I'm so focused on one thing.

I think what's worked better for me personally is I have three goals every day: be nice, work hard, and make friends. Gigi Hadid.

tunnel vision puns

Work Me Mind Goals. We are eager to tunnel under the Atlantic and bring the Old World some weeks nearer to the New, but perchance the first news that will leak through into the broad, flapping American ear will be that the Princess Adelaide has the whooping cough. Henry David Thoreau. World New Will Old. Panic causes tunnel vision. Calm acceptance of danger allows us to more easily assess the situation and see the options.

Simon Sinek. Calm Vision Situation Acceptance.

tunnel vision puns

It was like I was in a tunnel. Not only the tunnel under the hotel but the whole circuit was a tunnel. I was just going and going, more and more and more and more. I was way over the limit but still able to find even more. Ayrton Senna. Way More Like Only. Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train. Charles Barkley. Struggling is hard because you never know what's at the end of the tunnel.

Don Rickles. To survive, you've got to keep wheedling your way. You can't just sit there and fight against odds when it's not going to work. You have to turn a corner, dig a hole, go through a tunnel - and find a way to keep moving.

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Twyla Tharp. Work You Fight Survive. When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don't throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer. Corrie Ten Boom. You Trust Dark Jump. When people say, 'You have Alzheimer's,' you have no idea what Alzheimer's is.

You know it's not good.A blog dedicated to the immor t al humor of puns. I blog on daily to add more puns. Listen, and you'll become a certified pun-dit.

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No more will you have to sit out in battles of words; you will be able to give and take pun-ishment. With my help here, you'll be able to puwn anyone who stands in your way.

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Have Pun! Post a Comment. Thursday, September 4, The pun at the end of the tunnel. Light pun. Whenever someone is about to add a light bulb, open the curtains, get a flashlight, or do anything that will increase the amount of light in a room; this pun can be made. What a bright idea!

Subtact - Tunnel Vision [Monstercat Release]

Posted by The Punster at AM. Labels: 4situation. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Some of my favorite blogs. Warning, no puns. So Majestic 5 years ago. Web pun Setting up puns. Double Pun! Full of it! Food pun Letter know about my blog! Seven Ate Nine! These puns are hairable.The first computer dates back to Adam and Eve.

It was an Apple with limited memory, just one byte. And then everything crashed. About a month before he died, my uncle had his back covered in lard. After that, he went down hill fast. My dad died when we couldn't remember his blood type. As he died, he kept insisting for us to "be positive," but it's hard without him. A mexican magician was doing a magic trick. He said, Uno, Dose, and he disappeared without a trace.

I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. I don't know what he laced them with, but I've been tripping all day.

All one liners Choose by topic For special events New one liners. Funny Puns. One liner tags: ITlifepuns One liner tags: deathfamilypuns One liner tags: deathfamilyhealthpunssarcastic I can't believe I got fired from the calendar factory. All I did was take a day off. One liner tags: punswork I wasn't originally going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind. One liner tags: puns One liner tags: communicationpuns Don't spell part backwards. It's a trap. One liner tags: beautydrugpunstimework Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

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